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electric boats · May 19, 2023

Solliner 21ft Solar Boat – infinite boating

Electric Catamaran Solliner 21

The Solliner 21 Solar Electric Catamaran is a brand new power catamaran that is perfect for coastal boating in sun-drenched destinations like Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Croatia or Italy. With a length of 21ft and a beam of 7.25ft, this catamaran is incredibly stable and can accommodate up to 10 passengers. The boat features modern design and high-quality components that ensure its dependability and ease of use.

Self-charging solar boat

What sets the Solliner apart is its fuel type – electric – which means there are no emissions whatsoever. The boat is powered by a Torqeedo engine, which is available in 2, 4, or 6 kW models, and operates off a solar panel mounted in the bimini top. There is also a battery charger mounted in the hull, so you can recharge even on cloudy days and overnight.

Eco-friendly boating experience

With a maximum speed of 7kn and an overall length of 21ft, this catamaran is perfect for sightseeing, fishing, and more. It also has a maximum bridge clearance of 8.42ft and a max draft of 1.5ft, so you can explore wide-open waters without any limitations. Plus, there are many exterior and interior color options available that allow you to personalize your Solliner to your exact preferences.

Overall, the Solliner is a reliable, eco-friendly, and fun boat that is perfect for coastal adventures.

The electric motor and solar panel system make it a sustainable and cost-effective choice, while the modern design and high-quality components offer both style and comfort. The customizable color options also allow for personalization to fit individual tastes.

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Solliner 21ft Solar Boat - infinite boating

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