A solar powered catamaran is a great investment for both resorts and rental businesses.

Utilizing solar power for boats and catamarans is a well-established and excellent option for rental businesses to fulfil the needs of owners, employees, and customers alike.

The staff appreciates the easy maintenance and occasional need to recharge the batteries. At the same time, customers enjoy the comfortable, easy maneuvering, and environmentally friendly journey.

A tourist boat for rent offers more than just transportation. It can serve as a convenient water taxi, a floating restaurant, or even a party boat. Additionally, it provides a great opportunity for tourists to explore beaches, caves, and the coastline, making it an ideal choice for various purposes.

A catamaran powered by solar energy, featuring an open deck that accommodates up to 10 people, can be transformed into a distinctive and innovative restaurant setting. The expansive deck offers plenty of room to arrange dining furniture, allowing guests to enjoy their meals while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding waters.

The gentle swaying of the boat enhances the overall dining experience, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that is perfect for outdoor dining. Since the boat is fully powered by solar energy, your guests can enjoy their meals without any disturbance from the noise of a running engine.

Wedding boat


No matter what kind of catering is desired, you can offer the complete package for the perfect wedding aboard a luxurious boat. Imagine hosting bride and groom on the glittering waves, with guests taking in the breathtaking views. ​

Your wedding boat experience will include delicious food, exceptional music, and cheerful decorations to set the mood. It will make this special day unforgettable.
And nobody will be bothered by the annoying noise of a running engine.

Business Meeting


On a boat? Why not? Make it truly memorable with a unique and enjoyable experience, with the coastal scenery and the calming breeze while discussing important matters.
And remember, it’s fully solar powered so your guests won’t be bothered by the annoying noise of a running engine.

It can take onboard up to 10 people. And it’s a great way to get away from the usual distractions and have a distraction-free meeting. Get creative and think outside the office for the next meeting in your venue.

Taxi boat Solliner 21


A Solliner Taxi in Stockholm
– 5 months
– 12 200 passengers

High ROI in 5 months


Solliner 21 is perfectly good as a water taxi in Stockholm. The investor received almost a full return on all investments (including salaries) and 107% ROI on purchase cost in one, short Nordic season.


With ~3000 sunny hours a year and 5th month long tourist season a break even can be reached in 113 days.

Estimated gross annual profit could be even 78.750€.