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destinations · February 16, 2024

Amsterdam bans petrol boats. Switch to solar boats

To combat air pollution, the Amsterdam City Council, Following the mayors of Venice, has decided to prohibit all petrol and diesel boats from the city center (within the A10 city ring road) by 2025. The Clean Air Action Plan announced by the city of Amsterdam aims to curb transport-related emissions and so reduce air pollution.

This decision will impact numerous pleasure boat owners who typically use their boats around five to six times a year within a 10 km radius of the city center. Additionally, petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from the city center by 2030, with pre-2005 diesel cars excluded as of next year. Buses and coaches will face restrictions from 2022, followed by motorcycles in 2025.

While the RAI automotive industry association criticizes the policy as “bizarre,” environmental groups view it as a significant step towards enhancing air quality in Amsterdam. Many major cities in Europe have faced mounting pressure to limit vehicles in urban areas to mitigate pollutants for public health reasons.

There are challenges in transitioning all boats, cars, and motor vehicles to electricity, as it may not be cost-effective for everyone. Additionally, infrastructure improvements are necessary. By 2025, Amsterdam will require between 16,000 to 23,000 charging stations, compared to the current 3,000, for the project to be successful.

Air pollution in the Netherlands is higher than it is required by the EU standards. Most pollution is sourced by Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the country’s two largest cities.

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