electric catamaran powered by sun


9.80 m / 31 ft


3.5 m


0.6 m

Electric yacht Solliner 31

The SOLLINER 31 CABIN is a 10-meter motor catamaran designed for navigating waters with variable weather conditions, including wind forces up to 6 on the Beaufort scale and significant wave heights up to 2 meters. It is classified as a category C vessel. The main objective was to provide excellent sailing conditions for up to 10 people during the day, while also offering accommodation for 4 people. This ship has been specifically constructed to ensure maximum comfort throughout your voyage. It features three cabins, including one double cabin and two single cabins, as well as a restroom.

To guarantee durability and strength, the fuselage and entire structure of the catamaran will be built using polyester-glass laminates. The fittings and other equipment will be crafted from high-quality stainless steel or aluminum, reinforced with wood. The flooring will be made of a robust and low-maintenance synthetic material called FLEXITEEK. The interior and seats will be carefully appointed with materials chosen not only for their aesthetic appeal but also to provide comfort and convenience for users.


2×10 kW – 2×50 kW


2×20 kWh – 2×100 kWh

Power Supply

Solar panels, generator, batteries

Experience Luxury: Onboard a Catamaran

The catamaran offers a luxurious sailing experience with its well-designed features. The main deck includes a kitchenette for meal preparation, a living and dining area for the crew to relax and dine. Additionally, the bow section provides a separate space for sunbathing, while the roof is equipped with photovoltaic panels.


The floats of the catamaran are fitted with three cabins – one double and two single – along with a bathroom that includes a shower, sink, and toilet, ensuring convenience and privacy for passengers. On the main deck, there is an outdoor galley with optional canopy and seating for the crew. The helm, located in the middle of the ship, provides control of the catamaran and easy access to the cabins.


The seats on the deck are ergonomically designed to prioritize safety and comfort during sailing and rest. Moreover, the spacious layout of the boat, along with storage compartments for non-permanent equipment, cup holders, a large table, and an easily accessible drawer fridge, offer ample comfort and convenience while onboard.




17 km/h



CE Category


Designing a Boat with Refined Appeal

Incorporating modern luxury into every detail, our boat design boasts sophistication and finesse. Premium materials such as solid wood and plywood are used for furniture and wall panels, while fabric finishes add a touch of opulence. The cabins and corridors are adorned with teak plywood or carpeting, and the bathrooms feature teak grilles, creating a sense of distinction and timeless beauty. Privacy and UV protection are ensured with cabin windows equipped with blinds. 


The ceilings are crafted with an aluminum honeycomb panel framework, providing a sleek appearance and lightweight construction that perfectly embodies the vessel‘s modern style, functionality, and comfort


Unleash Your Imagination with a Custom Catamaran: Endless Color Options


The possibilities are endless when it comes to the color scheme of your catamaran. Fueled by your creativity, we have the capability to bring your vision to life, no matter how bold or unique. Personalization options are limitless, making your catamaran truly one of a kind. With our customization, your catamaran will be an exclusive reflection of your style.

Solliner 31 Open/Ferry

Solliner 31 Open and Solliner 31 Ferry versions are coming in late 2024.